A Look Into the Future

Christmas Concert 2015

Just a family reaching out to other families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Revivals, Concerts, Crusades, Harvest Days, Camp Meetings, Seminars, School Outreach, Street Evangelism, Tours, Retreats and Reunions - you name it, the Lisembys have probably been there bringing a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

They are a "FAMILY"​. God has given them the desire to reach out to families. While families are continually breaking, failing, and falling apart, they feel a call to specifically minister in the area of families. The family is the first institution God established on this earth and should be one of the main factors to consider in our churches. So goes the family, so goes the nation.

The Lisembys travel full-time in their self-contained travel coach, presenting the Gospel through singing and the Preached Word.

The Lisembys
P.O. Box 7
Kingland, AR 71652
Phone: (870) 348-5429

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