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Carol Sewell - Generation to Generation

September 16, 2012

Carol Sewell has been devoted to educating herself and her fellow Christians about America’s Christian heritage and our responsibility to engage in the political process. She started her political activism in Oklahoma opposing the Equal Rights Amendment and has been involved as political liaison in local, state, and national campaigns. It is Carol’s desire to see the generations come together in unity as each generation begins to pass on biblical living, faith, the truth about our Christian heritage, and patriotism. Carol wrote We the People, with this purpose in mind. She speaks, with passion, knowledge, and sincerity, explaining our governmental system in an easy to understand way always stressing the biblical foundations rooted in our laws and founding documents.

Carol Sewell
Generation to Generation
1304 Custer Road, Ste. 352-3068
Plano, TX 75075-7499

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